Our Terms & Conditions

This Agreement ("Agreement" or “Terms” or “Terms and Conditions”) describes the terms and conditions governing the use of your Account, Cards and Coupons at P4Pay.

As a customer, it’s important for you to make sure you read and understand all conditions before making any purchase with us, to avoid any possible misunderstanding in the future.

Purchase Agreement

User cannot use the service to harm/abuse anyone or any firm. User cannot use any bad words in the text that harms a person directly or indirectly. The User understands and makes a transaction only after accepting all of our terms and conditions mentioned below.

Account Activation

Once you create account with p4pay.in, you must need to do KYC with us otherwise you will not able to use any service.

Transaction Dispute

We can Dispute Transaction if we found it illegal or done by unknown person if your transaction has got pending so you have to wait it for T+11 working days for get final status of transaction.

Dispute/ Refund

If customer not received amount within 3 working Days and want refund then make DISPUTE AND REFUND complain. It will maximize your chance to get it refund but it will not be 100% surety that you will get refund.

Account Termination

We have rights to forfeit the all/partial credits and terminate your a/c at any time if we found you using it for illegal campaigns or in breach of DND agreement or any terms and conditions listed in this page.

Legal Action on Illegal Usage

We track your IP & geo location of your logins every single time and are saved in our database for security. Any illegal use, if found, we might first terminate your a/c and might take Legal action on you if the case is in severe breach of ours & Gov.’s terms and conditions.

Changes on Pricing

We reserves the rights to modify/change any plan cost anytime without prior notification to their customers. We also reserves the rights to increase/decrease charges on any transaction anytime without prior notification to their customers. We also reserves the rights to terminate/suspend any of Our Terms & Conditions may change often, so kindly check out the page once in a while before making any commitment.

Important Terms for User

A transaction may be reversed or charged back to your account if it is disputed by the Bank/Buyer, reversed for any reason by the Network, deemed to be fraudulent, deemed to be in violation of this Agreement, or we have any reason to believe that the transaction was not completed in good faith. For any transaction that results in a chargeback, P4Pay may withhold the transaction amount from your account. P4Pay reserves the right to withhold from your account the amount of one or more transactions, if it believes that there is a significantly increased risk of a chargeback occurring on these transactions. We may also charge you a fee for each refund, or chargeback, or dispute incurred. The company (P4Pay) reserves the right to charge a "Penalty fee" from the Users, including Buyers and Sellers, for abusing the platform, towards the charges incurred for the investigation, operational handling and legal consultation charges. The Company(P4Pay) will take legal action against logged in user/Payer/Buyer, if transaction found to be illegal and user/payer/buyer should be bear all charges for legal actions also.

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